About Us
"Gal Productions" was founded in 2000 and engaged since its inception in producing films in two key areas:
  • Documentary Film
  • Promotional films and advertising for leading companies in Israel and abroad

Our main challenge is to introduce the human qualities of documentary film into the corporate world, and create quality and uncompromising cinema.
We take the time to study our client's needs and view of the world, in order to adjust the messages, design and cinematic elements that fit them.

Our clients include a number of leading companies in Israel (Strauss-Elite, Makhteshim Agan, springs, Reut, and more).

Our documentaries produced for various television channels, previously participated in prestigious festivals in Israel and abroad and won prizes.

The company's co founder and lead director is Racheli Schwartz, a graduate of the faculty of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University.
Lecturer at the Tel Hai College, and "Camera Obscura" in tel aviv.